Yesterday was my last day at Curious, where I’ve been employed as an iOS and Ruby engineer since September of 2014. Before that, I contracted with them to create the very first native iOS app they put to market, in October of 2013. To say that I’ve met great people there, learned a ton, and been impacted in a positive way is an understatement.

The perceptive reader might question why I decided to leave. The most prominent reasons are that I want to push myself more, and that I want to own my own independent business. I’ve taken intentional steps to address both of those.

First, I’ve taken a job at Shelterluv. With such a small team, I will have more influence over the brainstorming, ideation, and tweaks needed to continue growing the company. I’ll also have the opportunity to learn from Greg and company, while developing software for an underserved industry. I am absolutely stoked to dive in.

Second, I’ll be taking my “side projects” more seriously. Starting with a focus on Postcard Panda, I’ll be working on developing more passive revenue streams through products that are small, simple, and useful for a laser specific audience.

Stay tuned for more!